The Superstorm Sandy made a huge impact for several communities. After the storm, there were still problems that as of today many are still dealing with. One of them is mold growing everywhere. There is still a musty smell from mold growing behind thousands of structures. Those who attempted to clean up the mold, saw the mold coming back because the area needs to be completely dry. You need to get rid of moisture first for the mold to not return again. Mold doesn’t go away on it’s own. It needs to be remediated and mold can cause several health issues as well.

As a result, as of yesterday, both houses of the legislature passed a bill that would require contractors to obtain certification to assess and remove mold in homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy. There has been a widespread of mold in thousands of homes and the best way to rebulilt after the storm is to remediate mold. Mold removal can be expensive but it is important to get rid of it because of the serious health effects it can have to the community.Many small business owners and families have found hope in this bill to finally re-build what they lost two years ago. This is great news and it will help thousands of families not only re-build what they lost but also educate them on the negative impacts that mold can bring if it is out of control.If you have any questions regarding mold, Alliance Environmental Group Inc’s environmental division specializes in mold removal. Click here to learn more information on the service.