Uncontrollable moisture can be the result of mold. Mold inside buildings can also cause the indoor air quality to become unhealthy and as a result, the building becomes a “sick building.” These sick buildings can include schools. Indoor Mold has resulted in schools closing. Recently, an elementary school in the east coast closed the school for good because in the month of May, toxic black mold was discovered in the school. It is a difficult situation for students, staff, parents and alumni. All students are now currently using a part of a high school building.The building accumulated mold because the building was above a basis where moisture was accumulated and a vapor barrier was not included in the building because it was not required when the building was constructed. The end is result is that children can become sick in schools by inhaling mold spores while being in class.

According to an article in cnn.com, “Figures are hard to come by, but studies have estimated that a third or more of U.S. schools have mold, dust and other indoor air problems serious enough to provoke respiratory issues like asthma in students and teachers.” It is a serious problem that more and more schools are closing because of mold and children and teachers are being moved into an environment that is not the same as a classroom. Several things that parents can do when mold is found in their child’s school is to let the district know immediately, reach out to parent and teacher progams and let other parents and the community know that mold can be very dangerous for a child’s health.

In order to reduce the risk of children being exposed to mold and the negative effects of it is to completely eliminate it. Seeing or smelling mold is a troubled sign that must be addressed. Trying to clean it is insufficient and not enough to fully eliminate it. The moisture that is causing the mold has to be found and eliminated. At Alliance Environmental Group ,Inc environmental division specializes in mold removal. Alliance Environmental will develop a remediation plan to know which method to use and the best way to get rid of the mold. To learn more about our services, contact us and be part of our Facebook Community Pageand be part of the conversation via Twitter.