There are lots of “Top 50” lists out there, but this is one you don’t want to make!

If you are reading this post in California, you have a pretty good chance to have made the list this year.  Uh-oh!

#5: Los Angeles—up from #25 in 2010, reports of bed bug infestations are up 35% nationally.  New York has been in the news for bed bugs a lot more than L.A., but that may be coming to an end.

#12: San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose—the Bay Area moved up 35 places from #47 last year, not a good move, either.  Check out a video about killing bed bugs in Berkeley!

#26: San Diego—this beautiful city in Southern California is harboring some nasty pests in the corners.  San Diego was #39 last year so it used to be better than the Bay Area, but no longer!

#41: Sacramento—our state capital didn’t make the top 50 last year, coming in at a much more comfortable #65, but they are definitely in the race to the bottom this year.

Prevent Bed Bugs from Coming to You:

There are ways to avoid bringing in unexpected and unwelcome guests:

* Check any new or used furniture for signs of bedbugs outside before you move it into the house.
* Prevent bringing bed bugs home from trips by inspecting your hotel room before you unpack or put your luggage on the floor.
* Launder the clothes you took on a trip, even if you didn’t wear them—don’t put them straight back in the closet.

Nobody wants bed bugs!  But if you find you have bed bugs in your environment in any of the three regions listed above, or anywhere else in CaliforniaAlliance Environmental Group is here to help with ThermaPureHeat treatment, killing all eggs, nymphs and adults in one treatment with no dangerous chemicals or the extra work that comes with using pesticides all over your home.  Check out this blog for more details about how ThermaPureHeat works to kill bed bugs!

Remember, if you encounter a bed bug, don’t panic!  We can help!

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