Alliance: Insulation Installers (Full Time)

Employment Type: full-time
Benefits include 401(k), Health, Vision and Dental insurance, Life insurance, Sick Pay and more!

Alliance Environmental Group the fastest-growing environmental contractor in California. We are looking for individuals ready to build a career on-the-job training, competitive pay and long-term career options.

Major Responsibilities (Essential Job Functions):
– Removal & Install insulation correctly in compliance with state and city code
– Loading and unloading of trucks
– General Clean up

Position Requirements:
– 1 yr. Experience removing and installing insulation(Preferred)
– Complete Background Check & Drug Test
– Requires local travel within assigned region
– Extensive driving may be required

Physical Requirements:
– Carry/Lift: Lift up to 60 lbs.
– Use Light Weight Equipment
– Stand: Minimal Walking: Crawling Maximum
– Climb and work at heights and in confined spaces
– Repetitive Motion: Use of tools
– Visual Acuity: Able to use Respirator without obstruction

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Alliance Environmental

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