We are sure you will agree: being in the hospital is bad enough. Right? I mean, unless you’re having a baby, there’s no happy reason to be hospitalized.

Unfortunately there are things in the hospital that you don’t want to take home with you, too. Pest control professionals in the US are reporting a 6% rise in calls to bed bug infestations in hospitals over last year and a 50% rise since 2010. What’s up with that?

Hospitals get a lot of traffic–both patients and visitors are in and out in droves every day. And they can bring bed bugs with them along with bacteria and viruses. The problem is bed bugs in a hospital are very difficult to eradicate. The eggs are harder to kill than bacteria, according to Canadian infectious disease specialist Dr. Dick Zoutman in this article at Yahoo Finance, a professor and infectious disease specialist at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

The rest of the Yahoo article talks about the difficulties of treating bed bugs successfully in a hospital setting and we certainly agree with that! But the argument is between the merits of Dr. Zoutman’s new sterilization system, which floods the area with gas for 24 hours, or traditional pesticide treatment. We, of course, would rather try…

High temperatures!

ThermaPureHeat treatment can kill bed bugs–and their eggs–in hours, not days, with no gas, no pesticide, no residue. Nothing to put a hospital patient in more danger than they already are. Contact Alliance for help with bed bugs in any facility in California!

And don’t get yourself put in the hospital this weekend! Unless you’re having a baby, of course!