Cable TV is full of ads for bed bug sprays that work instantly, keep on working, and don’t use harmful pesticides that could hurt your family or pets. Don’t they sound great?

One problem, of course. They don’t work.

Oh, they kill the bed bugs that get sprayed directly. And you’ll notice that that is the only real claim these commercials make. But that happy mom spraying the bedspread every week–every day?–isn’t killing anything unless the bugs are running around on top of the covers in the daylight. They’re not.

The spray I keep seeing on TV reminds me of the other sprays that have already been challenged for making false claims. We have talked about the herbal sprays before. But those also only work if the spray actually contacts the bugs. Any eggs, nymphs or adults which are hiding in the interior of your mattress, the cracks and crevices, won’t be affected by the spray and will take over quite quickly from the bugs that are killed out in the open.

Heat treatment penetrates furniture and walls, killing bed bugs at every stage of development so that they cannot come back. Heat does not harm humans or pets, or even your personal belongings. There is no need to bag food or wash your bedding after a heat treatment. It works in one treatment, with no need to move out of your home until the chemicals disperse.

Bottom line, heat works and comes with no side effects. If you want your bed bugs gone and gone forever, a professional pest control technician using heat is the way to go!

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