Alliance Environmental Group now offers kitchen exhaust cleaning. As an environmental company it is our job to clean and dispose of hazardous waste safely and properly. We have discovered after doing some research that half of the 11,100 fires in eating and drinking establishments start in the kitchen. One of the leading causes of these fires is the build up of grease, one spark can turn into a nightmare. Fire Code NFPA96 is the national standard on inspections of exhaust systems and guidelines for cleaning your exhaust systems. Systems using solid fuel cooking operations must be inspected on a monthly basis, systems serving high-volume cooking operations must be inspected quarterly and systems serving low-volume cooking operations must inspect on a yearly basis. With this said we realize the importance of routine maintenance when it comes to kitchen hood cleaning. This is exactly why we have taken up the task of training our crew to get the job done right. We realize the importance of maintaining a healthy clean and safe environment for your staff as well as your guest. We have started a new division that is ready to take on the job. If you are interested in receiving a free estimate on your kitchen hood routine maintenance please contact us at (888)833-7417 to schedule your appointment.