Many homes today have lead paint because lead paint was a key ingredient in commercial paint products. Lead paint can not only be found in homes but also in apartment units. Minimal exposure to lead based paint in older buildings can harm residents. Children are susceptible in being dangerously exposed to lead paint if it is present in the environment. What is expected if lead paint is present in an apartment unit. California landlords need to disclose to renters of any known lead based paint in the rental property.

In addition, the landlord is required to provide a pamphlet to renters that has information on preventing lead poisoning. Paper work on the lease agreement must state that renters were warn about the presence of lead paint. If landlords wish to get rid of lead based paint in their rental property they must work with contractors who are certified in removing lead paint safely. Failure to disclose any presence of lead paint can face significant legal penalties, fines and lawsuits. If you are a renter you have the right to know whether the home or apartment you are renting has lead paint. As a landlord, federal law requires you to disclose any information about a unit that has lead paint. It is important to get a lead inspection from a certified inspector before buying a home if you are concerned.

If you have any questions about lead paint removal Alliance Environmental is a certified lead-removal contractor. They follow strict procedures to minimize, control and contain the lead dust created by the removal process.Contact the nearest alliance enviro location and we may be of assistance.