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Lead poisoning has been a popular subject that many companies are dealing with in California ever since there was a lead paint lawsuit in the state. Lead paint can be present on any painted surface, but it is most often found on windows, trim, doors, railings, columns, porches and outside walls. Surfaces that have been repainted may have layers of lead paint underneath.If your home was built before 1978, have your home tested for lead and ask your contractor about lead hazards in the home. You may find additional information on the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website. If there are any potential hazards in your home fix any hazards that you may have. According to the EPA, you can get your home checked in one or both of the following ways:

  • A paint inspection — Tells you the lead content of every different type of painted surface in your home, but does not tell you if the paint is a hazard or how to deal with it. This is most appropriate when you are buying a home or signing a lease, before you renovate, and to help you determine how to maintain your home for lead safety.
  • A risk assessment — Tells you if there are any sources of serious lead exposure such as peeling paint and lead dust, and tells you what actions to take to address these hazards. This is most helpful if you want to know if lead is causing exposure to your family now.
  • The video gives vital information on lead and how you can become more aware of the dangers of lead poisoning.

If there is lead paint in your home, seek professional help. Alliance Environmental is a certified lead-removal contractor. We follow strict procedures to minimize, control and contain the lead dust created by the removal process.Our team is trained in lead safe work practices of proper containment and removal, thorough site decontamination, and lawful disposal.