We already know that lead is found in paint in older homes–those built before 1978 when lead paint was banned.

We have also written about lead found in:

But this week’s discovery has to take the proverbial cake. Baby food.

The Environmental Law Foundation tested 1500 samples of baby food, fruit and juice and found “that many contain lead levels above the limit that requires warning labels under California Proposition 65, which mandates disclosure of toxic substances.” San Diego Union Tribune, April 9, 2013.

In fact, 75% of the baby food tested positive for lead.

Lead levels were found to be between 2 and 29 micrograms per serving, far exceeding the .5 micrograms which triggers a warning.

We all want to believe that the food we feed our children is safe, that no retailer would sell us dangerous products, especially for babies. But what we want to believe and reality can be far different.

At Alliance Environmental Group, we are serious about the dangers of lead poisoning. We watch the headlines for important alerts like this one and those for other products. And if you live in a home built before 1978, we can help you ensure that your children are not exposed to the risks of lead poisoning where they live. Contact us for help removing lead paint hazards from your child’s environment!

And have a wonderful weekend!

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