You’re not the only one looking for love or maybe even a bit twitterpated this week: termites are, too!

In early spring, termites come out looking for mates, but some of them will be unfortunate in their quest and they could end up in odd places–like your house. Termites only keep their wings for a short time and can get stuck somewhere you don’t want them.

The swarming termites which breed successfully are looking to start a colony and your home may be a perfect place to build a nest and feed their growing family. The worker termites in a colony are the bugs you have to worry about. Hard to find and often undetected, termite colonies can do a lot of damage before they become visible. And since most termites are living deep inside your home, they are also hard to kill. But we have the solution!

High temperatures are effective at eliminating every part of a termite infestation, without the dangerous chemical pesticides that many fumigation methods use. Let’s hear it from our experts:

“The heating process introduces clean, dry heat into a structure, gradually increasing the temperature until the inside temperature is between 140 and 150 degrees and the wood core reaches 120 degrees. Technicians then maintain the temperature at or above that level for 1.5 hours to ensure a complete kill. The entire procedure may be completed in as little as 8 hours, but varies from one structure to another.”

With no trouble and expense of having to move out for days to allow toxic chemicals to disperse, no need to deal with pesticide residue, and a treatment complete in one day, heat is a great solution to termite problems. Contact one of our trained technicians for more information!

And we hope what’s flying toward you this week is Cupid’s arrow, not a swarm of termites!