Achieving this Certification is quite an accomplishment!  Matt had to have over 1,000 hours of work experience and pass a comprehensive test on the guideines, code and standards from the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA).  The IKECA is a trade association that develops the definitive standards for cleaning, inspecting and maintenance of commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

Our CEO Joe McLean is proud of Matt for helping Alliance and AirTek find “ways to offer current and future clients the best service and most experienced professionals.”  Joe is happy to have a team member in San Diego with such a prestigious designation to show our continuing commitment to being the best there is.

Alliance Environmental Group and our Indoor Air Division, AirTek, comes with over 20 years of experience in improving indoor air quality for commercial and residential customers.  If your company or facility needs air duct cleaning services, sanitization, infectious control, furnace and coil cleaning, electrostatic air filter maintenance or kitchen exhaust cleaning services anywhere in California, please contact us.

And we hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!

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