Our own Matt Kelly will be speaking at this year’s NADCA Technical Conference on Friday, September 27th at 1:00pm. Matt will share the stage with Tommy Gwaltney of Air Quality Systems, Inc. and they will be talking about Air Tools and How to Use Them to Loosen and Break Up Particulate.

Matt is the co-founder of our duct cleaning division, AirTek Indoor Air Solutions, and played a key role in developing the video equipment for the dryer duct inspection, the vertical shaft system used for large commercial buildings, and the residential subterranean duct system for systems built in cement foundations. He also helped design AirTek’s lightweight, 55-gallon HEPA Drum Vacuum system.

Matt is certified as an air system cleaning specialist, a ventilation system mold remediator and a ventilation inspector by the NADCA, among many other certifications.

Susana Escamilla recently wrote about the importance of choosing an NADCA-certified company for your duct cleaning projects:

‘Hiring a company whose team of technicians are not certified by NADCA may make the air duct cleaning process difficult because they may…make the air you breathe worse. A NADCA-certi0fied duct-cleaning company would adhere to all…”standards and certifications …to ensure that HVAC systems are assessed, cleaned, and restored in a safe and efficient manner.”

We hope to have some video for you from the presentation!