We promised you more information about this and now we deliver! Here is Matt’s Powerpoint from the NADCA conference in Atlanta last weekend:

Matt Kelly and Tommy Gwaltney spoke and demonstrated at the NADCA Technical Conference on Friday, September 27th about Air Tools and How to Use Them to Loosen and Break Up Particulate.

Matt Kelly and Tommy Gwaltney had some help from friends in the audience who both asked questions and offered more detailed information to their listeners.

Matt started with some safety information about compressed air and the tools used in duct cleaning projects. Did you know that compressed air could pop your eye right out of your head?
Matt is the co-founder of AirTek and played a key role in developing the video equipment for the dryer duct inspection, the vertical shaft system used for large commercial buildings, and the residential subterranean duct system for systems built in cement foundations. He also helped design AIRTEK’s lightweight, 55-gallon HEPA Drum Vacuum system.

Matt is certified as an air system cleaning specialist, a ventilation system mold remediator and a ventilation inspector by the NADCA, among many other certifications.

We are very proud to have Matt Kelly on our team and hope he gets many more opportunities to teach in the future!