MINTIE LLC Announces Nationwide Rental Program for Award-Winning Lineup of Indoor Environmental Products - Alliance
October 13, 2021

MINTIE LLC Announces Nationwide Rental Program for Award-Winning Lineup of Indoor Environmental Products

Written by Alliance Environmental

The Company’s Environmental Containment Unit (ECU4), VIRUSKILLER® Air Decontamination Products Now Available for Job-to-Job On-Demand Use

AZUSA, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 13, 2021 / — MINTIE LLC, an Alliance Environmental Group Company, has announced a new nationwide program that will enable customers to rent its award-winning lineup of indoor environmental products, including MINTIE’s mobile Environmental Containment Unit (ECU4) and the VIRUSKILLER® air decontamination units, according to James M. Mintie, MINTIE LLC Executive Vice President. The Azusa, Calif.-based company provides indoor air quality management, preventative maintenance solutions, and portable containment products for airborne particulates, infection control, and bio-security.

“MINTIE’s new rental platform allows contractors and facilities to rent on a JIT basis based on demand and the particular product requirement for each project.”— James M. Mintie

Mintie said that the company established the rental program due to a dramatic increase in job-to-job on-demand flexibility for its customers, which includes leading companies in health care, long-term care, entertainment, special events, and commercial-industrial sectors. MINTIE provides white glove delivery, set-up, and service of every indoor air purification product.

Mintie noted, “The rental platform allows contractors and facilities to rent on a JIT basis based on demand and the particular product requirement for each project. In addition, healthcare facilities have very limited space for long-term storage of these types of products. Of particular right now – customers throughout the west looking for negative air machines and air purification options during the fire season. We are also renting our VIRUSKILLER air purification units into the entertainment space. For example, feature films, concerts, and sporting events. In addition, the option to rent vs. having to tap into capital funds.”

MINTIE’s state-of-the-art mobile ECU4 is the latest generation of the industry-leading ECU product line that is modular, collapsible, and provides portable containment for temporary isolation during normal facility operation or during a public health emergency. The ECU4 is also a vital component for any facility to contain airborne particulates during work in sensitive healthcare and office building environments.

Unlike other containment solutions, the ECU4 offers the following advantages:
• Lighter Weight, Better Visibility & More Portable
• Smaller Footprint for Easier Transport & Storage
• More Affordable with Faster ROI
• More Durable & Easier to Clean Rip-Stop Poly Fabric
• Modular Capability to Combine More Units & Accessories
• More Flexible to Fit Smaller Openings
• First in the industry, disposal envelope enhances cleanliness

Developed to meet the 2003 SAR-CoV epidemic head-on, VIRUSKILLER is the most awarded clean air technology in the world. The three-stage filtration system and the hydroxyl radical generator filters out “dirty air”, neutralize “toxic air” and decontaminate “sick air.” In a single pass, it removes particulates, dust, pollen, VOC’s, gases, fumes, viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi up to 99.9999 percent.

The award-winning VIRUSKILLER lineup includes five products that provide air purification from the desktop to large areas up to 1,776 square feet. Each VIRUSKILLER unit has been proven and tested to:

• Control airflow to optimize decontamination in the breathing space
• Deactivate viruses and bacteria with unequaled efficiency
• Effectively neutralize noxious gases and larger particles such as dust, dander, and other allergens.

Founded in 1940, MINTIE LLC began as a specialty maintenance service company and has grown into a company with an international reputation for excellent service and innovative indoor environmental systems. MINTIE has focused on leading the industry with innovative products and the highest quality services to provide clients with safer, healthier, and more productive environments with minimal disruption and the highest levels of satisfaction and effectiveness. The company serves a diverse mix of companies, ranging from market leaders to entrepreneurial start-ups within healthcare, biotechnology, entertainment, aerospace, manufacturing, and commercial real estate. MINTIE is an Alliance Environmental Group Company. For more information, visit

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