We know that uncontrollable moisture can cause mold to build up in any environment. Molds themselves are not toxic or poisonous however some molds can produce mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are released in the air and cause health issues. Mold travels in different ways, including through air conditioning, open doors and windows. Pets can even bring in mold. Not only can mold effect your health but also it can effect the air you breathe.

Understanding mold issues is essential to protect against mold related claims. There are around 10,000 mold-related lawsuits pending in the United States according to the Insurance Information Institute. Mold is becoming the new asbestos. According to apawood.com, when it comes to building a home or a commercial property, several engineered wood product manufactures have introduced products with built-in mold protection. This signifies the public concern for mold.

If you are concern about mold being in your home or in your workplace, Alliance can help you get rid of it. Alliance Environmental is a licensed mold removal and remediation contractor. Alliance Environmental also utilizes ThermaPureHeat to get rid of mold, fungus, mildew, odors and viruses. This heat process will kill mold even in inaccessible cracks and voids. If you will like to read more about mold please take a look of our recent blog post HERE.