Today in the morning I listened to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention podcast on mold. The podcast gave general facts about mold and the dangers that can lead to mold spores spreading in an environment. I came across an article that talked about the misinformation there is on getting rid of mold. This article gives a detailed explanation on why spraying chemicals on mold will make the situation worse. Mold if not dealt with, will continue to grow and spread. In order to get rid of mold, a professional mold removal company must completely eradicate it. Dead spores in fact can be as harmful to the lungs and to the respiratory system as live spores. If one is concerned about mold being in the home or the workplace, a mold check up would be one of the first steps to know whether you have mold in your environment.

A mold check up or mold testing will help you find the mold by indicating which area or room has the most mold spores. According to, “Professional mold testers know the best places to test in the home, the best times to test, the best types and variety of tests to perform (including both air and surface sampling), as well as how to properly perform them.” For example, hiring a professional company to evaluate your home for mold is an option that can help you determine the next steps of getting rid of the mold. Professional mold evaluation and clean up can be an advantage because a professional company will know how to handle eradicating the mold. If you need assistance eradicating mold in your environment, contact us and we can be of assistance. You may also contact us through our social media outlets Facebook and Twitter.