Fall/Autumn will begin in a few more days. It is a favorite for many because the weather is perfect and the scenery becomes beautiful. However, according to The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) mold will be the key allergen this Fall. According to AllergyCapital.com, Los Angeles was ranked 76 based on the top 100 cities to give allergy troublesome to individuals. Outdoor mold grow and spread during the fall season. During the Fall, mold will grow in moist and shady areas.

As we know mold can cause allergy reactions, and some molds release mycotoxins which is like a poison substance that makes you sick and give you flu like symptoms. During the Fall when it becomes to get much cooler and either your home or business is using heaters try to keep the area ventilated so no moisture is trap. Indoor humidity can accumulate and the places that need the most ventilation would be in bathrooms, dryers and other moisture generating areas. If you do find mold, contact a mold removal company that have the experience to remove mold and explain to you the process of eliminating the mold. At Alliance, we will develop a remediation plan to eliminate the mold. Visit our website to learn more about mold removal and how we can be of assistance.You can also communicate with us by liking our Facebook Community Page and joining our conversation viaTwitter.