Hope all you Dads, Grandpas, Stepdads, Single Dads and Father Figures had a great Father’s Day weekend!

When we weren’t busy having fun with Dad, we were reading about environmental issues in the news:

Bed Bugs:

The cover story in today’s AM New York tells us that New York is Winning the Bed Bug War. There are still a lot of infestations being reported, but not as many as last year. Congratulations, New York! Now if we could say the same about Pasadena…


In another reminder that a big mold problem is not a DIY project, a toddler received chemical burns from some over-the-counter mold killer in a Walmart store in Norwalk, Connecticut. Be extra careful with chemical cleaners of all kinds–what kills organic material can hurt people, too!


The Federal Government is covering the cost of asbestos abatement for a demolition project in the Village of Lancaster in New York State, making redevelopment of a central part of the Village a reality after years of wrangling.

Lead Poisoning:

Does exposure to lead cause criminal behavior? According to this opinion columnist in the Winona Daily News, research says the answer is yes. And a reduction in exposure to lead could be a factor in decreased crime rates since the 1970’s. What do you think?

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