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Isn’t the summer going by quickly? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Memorial Day and here it is a month since the last day of school!

We are experiencing some June Gloom in SoCal today, a good time to hunker down and read some news:


Bringing together two of our favorite topics–good ventilation and mold prevention–this article recommends skylights to improve the air flow in your home. We also recommend clean ducts and cleaning up any water damage ASAP!

Bed Bugs:

As we read last week, bed bug reports are up in Pasadena, down in New York. Now we read they are up in Ohio and causing lots of anxiety. At Licking Memorial Hospital, patients are given a “skin assessment” when being admitted so that they can be quarantined if they show signs of bed bug bites.

Lead Paint:

As if living like nomads for the past 4 years wasn’t hard enough, students from a New Orleans elementary school devastated by Hurricane Katrina, finally in a new facility of their very own, discover that they have been studying in a school building which needed emergency remediation for lead paint. Was their 2-year stay at that school partially responsible for poor test scores?


Two men in upstate Utica, New York were sentenced last Thursday to four years in prison, almost half a million dollars in restitution and a hundred thousand dollars in fines for illegal dumping of asbestos. Millions of tons of asbestos were ruled to have been dumped in 2006. Take care of this dangerous substance properly, folks!

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And Happy First-Monday-of-Summer!