Happy Last-Week-of-School to those of you who celebrate! We are celebrating our first graduation from Middle School with the joy that only no more projects for a while can bring!

Some people have other things on their minds:

Here is an interesting response to an article in the Wall Street Journal about fraud in the asbestos trusts set up to compensate victims.

Students and parents visiting Penn State came home with more than they bargained for–bed bug bites!

Community pools will soon be open–Yay!–but we should all be aware that some public pools are cleaner than others. Where we live, the pools close down quickly when they test positive for contaminants. What about yours? Check with your pool staff and find out about their testing program and policies before you dive in.

Demolition has been halted on a building at the campus of Michigan State University after a fire at the site may have exposed asbestos.

The Vermont Department of Public Health is trying to raise awareness of lead-safe work practices at pre-1978 buildings to minimize exposure to lead and cases of lead poisoning.

Bill Moyers is doing the same, as you can see in an interview with Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner about how to protect yourself and your family from toxic chemicals, including lead. There is a link to the video in this extremely informative blog post.

The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that indoor air quality is one of the five top environmental risks to public health. “[I]ndoor air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, dust mites, pollen, radon, mold, excessive carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and other chemicals identified by the EPA [are] contributing to poor indoor quality that causes or contributes to health concerns such as asthma, headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, nausea and fatigue…”

Moving on to a new chapter in life can bring anxiety, but also the prospect of building new relationships and happy memories of new adventures. We hope you and yours are having a wonderful week of happy endings and new opportunities to recharge your batteries!

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