Lots of interesting news stories in recent days and we’ve been too busy to report them, so here are some highlights:

Legionnaires’ outbreak in Pennsylvania Veterans Hospital leads to review of an award and bonus given to a Regional Director

Finding, getting into and paying for Summer Camps isn’t bad enough? They probably won’t tell you if they have bed bugs! Remember to unpack your child’s luggage outside and launder everything before putting it away!

Read about a mold remediator in New York who is helping with damage from Superstorm Sandy. This problem is going to get worse before it gets better with the spring thaw and spring rains.

You’ve heard about bed bug detection dogs, but dogs are also being trained to detect mold! Pretty cool. Man’s best friend, indeed!

Scientists in the UK have developed a method for detecting asbestos fibers in the air in real time, very exciting!

Remember the Key Largo Casino in Las Vegas? They had a fire at the demolition site and now dangerous asbestos has been exposed and needs to be removed safely before the project can continue.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced penalties on Friday for 17 violators of the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule we wrote about last week. Violators failed to obtain certification or did not follow safety precautions. Oops!

We had a great weekend for good news! We hope you had the same!

Look for a Guest Blog on Wednesday!