Some more interesting links for this Monday after Spring Break!

Joint Compound isn’t scary, right? Well, maybe it should be. It could contain asbestos! Disturbing it could harm your health and maybe even take your life.

Health Inspections find mold in restaurant ice machines, yuck!

In New Zealand, after an earthquake, asbestos may be left behind by homeowners if it is undisturbed. Who knows what will happen after the next big one!

Bed Bug problems crop up in Albany, NY public housing. We can heat up whole buildings all at once and nip those things in the bud!

Number of kids with elevated lead levels drops in Detroit, but there are still issues to be resolved.

National Asbestos Awareness Week is an annual event raising awareness of the fact that asbestos remains a risk even today.

As I said above, it is Spring Break here and the weather is absolutely beautiful! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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