We came across this very disturbing video about bed bugs on National Geographic, but are unable to embed it here. Click HERE to watch.

What we learned:

Bed bugs once lived in caves and fed on the blood of bats and prehistoric humans. Bat bugs are now different from bed bugs, but look similar.

Bed bugs can enter your bedroom via your electrical outlets. They are attracted by the carbon dioxide you exhale.

Bed bugs have heat sensors on their antennae which help them find the very best places on your body to chow down.

Bed bugs aenesthetize your skin so you don’t wake up when they bite and brush them off. But you won’t be numb when the itching starts.

Bedbugs can drink up to three times their weight in a feeding. They start small, but they get a lot bigger.

In a really bad infestation, you could get 500 bites in one night and even become anemic. Is this where the vampire legends came from?

Last week we learned that Los Angeles is the #2 city in the US for bedbugs, so chances are you know someone who has them now or had them in the past. It’s not a reflection on your housekeeping, just a fact of life, especially in today’s global traveling world.

If you discover that you have bed bugs, don’t panic! But do deal with them right away. Denial won’t help and the longer you wait, the worse they will get! Call Alliance Environmental Group and schedule a heat treatment with Thermapureheat to kill all of the bed bugs in one day, without chemical pesticides or residue, in every crack and crevice.

Bed bugs are nasty, but they don’t need to be there forever. Contact Alliance today!