Photo by Lig Ynnek via Flickr Creative Commons

The largest earthquake since 1989 hit wine country this weekend and our beloved Napa Valley wineries have a big cleanup project ahead. This is not your dinner guest’s red wine stain on the carpet!

It’s hard to think of a worse place for an earthquake for California businesses and tourism–buildings filled with glass bottles holding irreplaceable beverages! But that’s where it hit.

What are we doing to help clean up from the Napa Valley earthquake?

We are getting calls to help clean up from this terrible natural disaster and we have our teams in place already. We are cleaning up:

  • Tons of broken glass and dangerous glass shards
  • Broken wooden barrels
  • Wine–ever open a bad bottle? Leave it where it is and it will draw mold spores like crazy!
  • Water used to clean up is another mold risk
  • Other dangerous materials exposed by the earthquake, like asbestos
Alliance’s Power Washing services are hard at work!

Our tips for smaller wine spills:

  • Treat the stain right away–don’t wait until your guests go home or for morning. Get to it as soon as you can.
  • Blot–do not rub–excess wine with paper towels or something you don’t mind getting stained.
  • Rinse with cold water–hot will set the stain–preferably from behind, if you can lift the fabric. Blot the water up immediately after rinsing.
There are lots of home remedies for small wine spills: salt, selzer, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, even shaving cream. Some recommend using white wine to get red wine out! The most important factor in them all–speed!
Some winery buildings are so damaged that they can no longer be used, and those will need demolition teams. Other facilities will be structurally sound, but their interiors will need to be completely cleaned out and made ready for a fresh start in the new winemaking season.
Alliance is ready for any and all disaster cleanup projects. Our highly trained and experienced teams are used to working with organic materials of all sorts–and that includes wine! Contact Alliance for help in Napa or anywhere in California for help recovering from natural disasters.
When you live in earthquake country, you are always crossing your fingers that the epicenter of the next “big one” will be far, far away, but this time it was the Napa Valley wineries that had bad luck. Alliance CEO Joe McLean’s tip to me this morning: drink the wine before it hits the floor! That’s a great idea–maybe a better early warning system will give us a chance to do just that!