You might think that since lead was banned for use in paint and gasoline in 1978, the dangers of lead poisoning are in the past, but this is far from the truth. There is no truly safe level of lead in the bloodstream and lead can cause many health and developmental problems including:

* Headaches
* Muscle and join discomfort
* High blood pressure
* Hearing problems
* Memory and concentration issues
* Slowed growth
* Hyperactivity
* Nerve disorders
* Brain Damage
* Coma
* Death

Currently, the definition of lead poisoning is 10 micrograms per deciliter of blood. New rules would redefine lead poisoning to 5 micrograms, increasing the number of children diagnosed with lead poisoning by up to 44%.

How can you reduce your family’s risk of exposure to lead?

1. Find out the age of your home—Any house built before 1960 or built before 1978 and recently renovated can have a risk of lead paint still in the home, even if it has been painted over. These homes should be tested for lead, as should children living in them.

2. Make sure you and your children wash hands before eating.

3. Clean up any paint chips immediately.

4. Wash toys frequently that children put in their mouths.

5. Use lead-certified contractors for renovations in older homes.

6. If you rent your home, tell your landlord about any peeling or chipping paint right away.

7. Use cold water for cooking, drinking and making baby formula—hot water picks up more lead than cold water from pipes.

Since the only treatment for lead poisoning is to end the exposure, this increase would lead to a huge increase in the need for lead abatement in homes and other buildings.


Alliance Environmental Group provides lead abatement services all over California from our many offices, including our new office in Anaheim serving Orange County residents. If your home tests positive for lead, our certified professionals can remove all lead paint, while keeping your home and your neighbors safe from lead dust exposure.

If your child tests positive for lead poisoning under the new standards, you need to perform a lead abatement in your home. This is not a DIY project—you must call in a professional. Contact Alliance Environmental Group for quick, experienced and safety-conscious lead abatement.

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