In August, the numbers for the first half of 2013 looked promising. You might remember that in 2012 Los Angeles did not make the list of the Top 15 US Cities for Bed Bugs. We were pretty happy about that, especially since we were #8 in 2011.

Here we are in early 2014 and the numbers for all of 2013 have been compiled. How did we do?

Los Angeles came in at…#2.


We are, however, the only city in California to make the top 18. Does that make you feel any better? The San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose area is #19. Nearly half of the cities on the list moved up last year (down is better).

The Top 10 Cities for Bedbugs in 2013 as of January 2014:

Los Angeles
Washington, DC

Clearly, Ohio is having a very hard time, with 4 out of the Top 10, but all of these cities have some work to do. We hope that those which have moved up (LA, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton and Indianapolis) are taking their bed bug epidemics seriously. San Francisco must be doing something right–they went down 5 places!

Heat treatment is by far the best way to deal with bed bug infestations no matter where you live. Alliance can send out a bed bug team to kill every bed bug in your home or apartment or even entire building with high temperatures in one treatment, without using dangerous chemicals or pesticides. ThermaPureHeat kills bed bugs at every stage of development, egg, nymph and breeding adults. We have offices all over California.

It looks like bed bug awareness has helped San Francisco, Detroit (somewhat–they moved down 2 places), Dallas and New York, but clearly there is more to be done about getting the heat treatment message out.

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We hope you are having a nice Martin Luther King Day and that you, too, have a dream!

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