We are gearing up for another long weekend at Alliance Environmental Group, but if you have some free time, here are some interesting articles that didn’t quite rate a whole blog post this week:

Bed Bugs:

The San Francisco Public Library says there is no danger of getting bed bugs from borrowed books, regardless of the high bed bug population in that city and a New York Times article that postulated a link between bugs and books. The article has since been discussed on many blogs the authors of which disagree most emphatically. Here’s one. What do you think?

The Alameda County Health Department is sponsoring a “Bed Bug Boot Camp” for property managers and owners to learn about how to deal with bed bugs and their legal obligations. Hope they talk about heat treatment!

Bed Bugs hit the big time! The New York Times and Forbes.com! Travel tips for avoiding bed bugs during the holidays (sound familiar?).


The latest study of 9/11 cancers has reached the conclusion that there is no clear link between cancers like mesothelioma and the dust of the terrorist attack. Since mesothelioma and other similary illnesses often take years or decades to present, it may be too early to make this determination. Read the article here.

In a funny (sort of) story about odd asbestos products, did you know they once bound Stephen King’s “Firestarter” in asbestos? Yikes! I’d better go check our book collection…

There is a lot of concern in the media and the population affected by Superstorm Sandy in November of asbestos exposure during repair and demolition of the many homes damaged during the storm.

Looks like the Southern California weather is going to cooperate with the Rose Parade this year, even if it is too chilly to wear shorts on New Year’s Day.

Everyone at Alliance Environmental Group wishes you and yours a very Happy (and safe) New Year!