“When you know better, you do better.” That is a quote by Maya Angelou. Great quote to start the day because if you apply this at work, researching and educating yourself on the industry you work in will make you better. Our company serves several industries. Our company also has a demolition division. Keeping that in mind, The National Demolition Association is a great source in finding the latest news on the industry. For example, today I read an interesting article on Apple. Apple began demolition for a new campus. Apple pulled out demolition permits to start clearing a 176-acre site for their new campus and also demolish structures on 20 parcels of land. This demolition happen in the city of Cupertino and many are excited about this project. The city website has devoted a page on the updates on the construction for Apple Campus 2. The website features a General Project Schedule including the demolition timeline. You can now visit the webpage because it went live yesterday. You may take a look HERE.

Other news in the Demolition Industry is The National Demolition Association 41st Annual Convention. The convention will take at the Mirage in Las Vegas on Febrary 22nd -25th. According to the website, “The NDA’s Annual Convention is the largest exposition of demolition equipment, products, and services in the world drawing everyone involved in the demolition process from across the globe.” At Alliance, we are capable of handling most structural demolition projects, from taking apart all or part of a particular structure to clear the space it is built on, to renovating the demolished part of the structure. We are a proud member of the National Demolition Association and the Building Owners & Managers Association. For more information, visit our Demolition section.