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Biohazard Help With Prokure V

So many uncertainties still exist as we continue to monitor and respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses that can operate continue to do so, while others prepare for another opportunity to reopen. There has been a lot of discussion about airborne transmission of the virus and the role indoor air environments play in potentially spreading it. Remaining proactive with cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting indoor environments is essential to ensure the cleanest and safest conditions for your employees and customers.

Alliance Environmental’s biohazard division uses Prokure V, a hospital-grade disinfectant listed by the EPA as effective in combating SARS-CoV2, the virus responsible Covid-19. We are also compliant with the CDC, Department of Health Services, OSHA, and existing regulatory agencies.

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What is the Prokure V?

The EPA follows strict guidelines in the prescribed list of necessary disinfectants that can be used to disinfect and decontaminate surfaces. Prokure V (EPA Registration No. 87508-3-89-334) has made the end list approved by the EPA, and is effectively used to combat the SARS-CoV2, the virus responsible for Covid-19. This hospital-grade disinfectant can decontaminate and disinfect all hard and non-porous surfaces. The added advantage of Prokure V is that there is no rinse and no residue.

Prokure V is a solution that is made in the USA. Prokure V kills Corona Virus in 30 seconds or less on contact as well as bacteria that are spread through airborne pathogens.

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Environmental Impact of Prokure V


Contains No Carcinogens

Or all other kinds of poisonous residuals


Naturally Dissipates

Prokure V does not chlorinate


Suitable for Plants

In the same room that you’re cleaning


Usable as Sanitizer

On hard, non-porous, food contact surfaces

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Our Cleaning Process

Our thorough cleaning process includes the application of an EPA-registered disinfectant to hard surfaces and defined “touchpoints.” We utilize a combination of trigger spraying and misting application followed by manual wiping with microfiber cloths to touchpoints, defined as areas 6 to 8 feet down, including the floors & walls in the potentially affected area or space, and include but are not limited to:


Doorknobs and locks, door push bars & door edges/jambs on the side opposite the hinges


Chair armrests, bedrails & countertops


Toilet seats/flush handles, faucet handles & soap pumps


Keyboards/mice, credit card keypads & television remote controls


Vending machine buttons, equipment controls & elevator buttons


Stair & ramp hand railings, cupboard handles & drawer pulls, appliance handles, switches, table/desktops & telephones

Please note that there is no warranty or guarantee offered as cleaned and treated surfaces can become contaminated again within minutes if an infected individual is present and sneezes or coughs without controlling the droplet spread.

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