Renters were asked in a new survey what pests they encounter most often and what pests they most fear and their highest level of dread is reserved for bed bugs.

Luckily, although bed bug calls to pest control professionals all over the country increase every year, bed bugs are not the most commonly encountered bugs in rental properties.

Most Common Pests

Renters reported that they most often encounter:

  • Flies–Houseflies are incredibly dirty and spread disease and bacteria. Take trash out frequently, clean up spills and tell your landlord about any cracks or broken window screens through which flies can enter.
  • Cockroaches–Roaches are gross and eat pretty much any organic matter. They are hard to eradicate, although heat treatment works as well for roaches as it does for bed bugs.
  • Ants–Here in California, we get those tiny black ants, especially during heatwaves when they come in for water. They can get in through tiny openings in windows and doorways. They will find pet food bowls and any crumbs left behind.

Most Feared Pests

As much as all renters hate cockroaches, they are not afraid of them. They reserve their most intense fear for bed bugs. Rodents came in second.

Bed bugs cause more than itchy bites–bedbug fears can cause anxiety, loss of sleep, and all the effects that sleep deprivation brings, including depression and poor work performance. But there is no reason to be afraid any longer than it takes to call Alliance Environmental Group! Our experienced teams use ThermapureHeat to kill all bed bugs in an infestation of any size in one treatment, without leaving chemical residue or dangerous pesticides. ThermapureHeat kills every bug, every nymph, every egg, no matter where it hides.

Landlords, if you get a report of bed bugs in your property, you must act quickly. Bed bugs can spread from room to room, from apartment to apartment. Using pesticides in one apartment can drive them to another one and continue the cycle. Heat treatment can kill bed bugs in an entire building in one day.

Take bed bug reports seriously and keep tenants happy, healthy and well-rested! There is no need to fear!