Air Duct Cleaning Services & Duct System Cleaning

Cleanliness of the air ducts in your home or office is as important as keeping any other part of the building clean, perhaps more so. Dirty air ducts are detrimental to your respiratory health. As such, getting in touch with a professional duct cleaner or duct cleaning service would be a great idea. If your ducts are dirty you are not only exposing yourself to mold, but the rest of your family and pets as well. Some of these molds can have serious side effects and health problems before you have a chance to notice you’re getting truly sick.

Choosing the right air duct cleaning services is not always easy because there are a wide variety of different ductwork cleaning companies out there, and not all of them are going to be created equally. Simply looking in the phonebook may not be the best way to determine which company is best for your duct system cleaning needs. As a result, it would be wise for you to consider asking around and trying to find out about companies in your area. Do not simply trust what the professional air duct cleaning company has to say about its air duct cleaning services, because they are going to talk up their services like you need them when you may actually not.

Here are some tips for hiring air duct cleaning services for your duct system cleaning needs:

  • Avoid hiring duct cleaning companies that make sweeping claims regarding health benefits that are supposedly associated with keeping your ducts clean.
  • Avoid hiring duct cleaners that recommend routine duct cleaning as part of the maintenance for your heating and cooling systems.
  • You should talk to the BBB or the Better Business Bureau in order for you to make sure that no complaints have been lodged against the company.
  • You should avoid duct cleaning companies that claim that they are certified by the EPA, because the EPA does not endorse, approve or otherwise certify cleaning companies for air ducts despite what someone may tell you.
  • Unless you fully understand the pros and the cons behind using chemical sealants or biocides, do not allow their use when cleaning your air ducts.
  • Always interview the company beforehand to make sure that they are experienced when it comes to duct cleaning and that they have prior experience working with a duct system like yours.
  • Always make sure that they are going to be using procedures that are designed to protect you, your home and your family and pets from the threat of contamination.
  • Always make sure that the company is complying with the air duct cleaning standards of NADCA.
  • Always make sure that the air duct cleaning company is fully licensed by the state where you live. Some air duct cleaners need to hold special licenses, including Arkansas, Arizona,  California, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Michigan.

Alliance is a member of the Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Inc., and also the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.  We have extensive experience cleaning air ducts, and our countless customers will testify to the high quality of our service and expertise.