Residential & Home Demolition

The demolition procedures used to bring down a home are varied. Location and size are the two biggest factors that get used in determining what type of demolition service will be used. Demolition is used for things like tearing down old and unsafe buildings, or to make room for newer buildings.

The most direct and easiest to understand definition for demolition is simply that it is the opposite of the construction of a building, as residential demolition means to tear down, rather than to put up. When we think about residential demolition, the most common and preferred method of demolishing a home is mechanical demolition.

Smaller buildings, like in residential demolition, are taken down using machines like cranes and bull dozers. Large wrecking balls may be indicated for larger buildings, as they are swung on large cables by oversized cranes and are not suited for smaller demolition projects. Different processes are indicated for different purposes, as the process is only meant to remove a single structure rather than to take out several structures all at once.

The first step in any demolition project is going to be to remove everything that can be salvaged or has any value, because the residential demolition process does not leave anything in one piece. In major buildings, copper wire, insulation and lighting fixtures are often removed or salvaged before the building is brought down. There are also safety hazards that need to be addressed in the process. If asbestos is present in the building, safety precautions may be taken. Glass is often removed from windows to prevent it from shattering dangerously during the residential demolition process as well. When these precautions are taken beforehand, the demolition of a home runs much more smoothly to everyone’s benefit.

Alliance offers demolition services for residential structures.  Our home demolition services are safe and comprehensive, and include full site cleanup, removing all debris from the previous structure. Cleaning up the debris safely and securely is a vital part of ensuring safety of the site, especially in circumstances where new construction is planned.

Alliance has highly qualified and trained teams with extensive demolition experience, with the latest state-of-the-art demolition equipment to meet your specific needs.

Alliance welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a cost-effective, timely solution for your next project.

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