Structural Demolition Services

The purpose of demolition services is to take apart part or all of a particular structure based on plans to clear the space it is built on, or to renovate the demolished part of the structure. Alliance is a specialty California demolition company capable of handling most structural demolition projects.

Although many home and building renovation projects are capable of being handled on a DIY basis, demolition projects should always be left to the hands of the professionals.  Alliance’s trained demolition division is experienced with heavy equipment and has a proven track record of avoiding the many pitfalls and dangers associated with structural demolition. A lot of planning goes into every structural demolition project, and an Alliance supervisor is always in place to make sure that the project goes as planned.

Here is the least that you need to know about Alliance’s structural demolition services:

  • Alliance is trained in a wide variety of mechanical demolition equipment and techniques.
  • Alliance’s mechanical demolition services can involve everything from cranes swinging oversized wrecking balls to small bulldozers and other machinery, such as demolition grapples that are used to pull a building apart gradually and with an increased level of control. Cranes with large claws are often chosen as they can tear at the building slowly and safely, making sure that the building comes down in its own footprint.
  • Before the demolition process can begin, an Alliance team will salvage what they can from the building. Some things, like copper wire, insulation, furnishings and lighting can be reused, and for this reason they are taken away from the building before it is demolished.
  • Alliance also thoroughly handles common safety precautions associated with structural demolition.  If there is asbestos in the building, then structural demolition cannot occur until it has been safely removed, otherwise the fibers will be released into the air, causing harm to those demolishing the building. Glass is also often removed from windows and other fixtures to make sure that it does not shatter dangerously during the process.
  • After the demolition process comes the cleanup process, which Alliance also handles. Large pieces of debris are broken up and carted off in trucks, leaving clear ground behind. In most circumstances, the cleanup is actually the more time consuming and labor intensive part of the process as it requires loading a vast amount of debris up and removing them from the site.

Our full range of structural demolition services include…

  • Heavy demolition: all phases of building and structure removal
  • Hard demolition: all phases of concrete demolition and removal
  • Soft demolition
    • Partial or complete building and structure demolition
    • Selective interior or exterior demolition
    • Total building interior strip-outs
  • Site clearing

Alliance has highly qualified and trained teams with extensive structural demolition experience, with the latest state-of-the-art demolition equipment to meet your specific needs.

Alliance welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a cost-effective, timely solution for your next project.

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