ThermaPureHeat for Mold: A New Technology

Heat kills. Get rid of mold, fungus, mildew, odors, dust mites, bacteria, pests, bugs, termites, and viruses using ThermaPureHeat™brought to California by Alliance Environmental Group.

The Benefits of a New Technology. ThermaPureHeat™ and Alliance Environmental have engineered a new application of heat.

We are using a revolutionary new application of an old process…heat. Louis Pasteur experimented and discovered that, when heated to high temperatures, bacteria and mold can be killed.

Today, ThermaPureHeat™ and Alliance Environmental have engineered a new application of heat. High temperatures can be directed at a building or a home. In addition, a portion of a home or its contents can be targeted with the purpose of killing targeted organisms, pests, bugs and more. This saves you time and costs.

To accomplish the HEAT process, air temperatures are raised to between 140 degrees and 160 degrees F and held for six to eight hours. To determine when lethal temperatures have been obtained, small thermocouple wires lead to digital temperatures, displaying the temperature in the ambient space or in the structure.

The benefits from using ThermaPureHeat™, brought to you by Alliance Environmental Group:

  • Convenient — New ThermaPureHeat™ technology typically takes eight hours or less. You or your residents do not need to move out of the structure for several days when using old technologies.
  • No Chemicals Are Used — Non toxic
  • Kills Pests, Bugs, Termites. Kills them dead with HEAT. High temperatures can be directed at a building, home or special rooms.
  • Reduces Odors — Come from a variety of sources. One can be mold or fungus.
  • Improved Air Quality — The affected structure can be dried and air quality improved.
  • Save Money, Reduced Time — Common walls can be treated especially beneficial to save time and money in multi dwelling units.
  • Increases Value —  A healthier environment to live or work.
  • Versatile —  can be used to treat entire structures or smaller specific areas.