As reported in the latest edition of Restoration & Remediation Magazine, the Restoration Industry Association’s patent lawsuit against ThermaPure Inc. has ended in a settlement described as a “win-win” by both sides.

ThermaPure Inc. holds at least 8 patents for technology relating to heat treatment services for many challenges: pest control, construction drying, decontamination, among others. Read about the many uses of ThermaPureHeat here.

The settlement protects members of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) from patent infringement lawsuits as long as the internal temperature of a structure does not exceed 105°F. It does not protect contractors who are not members of the RIA at the time of the work, nor does it apply to treatment using temperatures higher than 105°.

“Restoration firms can embrace the ThermaPure® technology not only for its environmental benefits but also to expand their business opportunities. Now RIA members will not have to fear these patent infringement lawsuits, as long as the ambient air temperature inside a structure is not heated above 105°F during water damage recovery and other restoration services. The veil of legal uncertainty is lifted from the membership who can return their focus to running their companies.” Restoration & Remediation Magazine

At the Alliance Group of Companies, we use ThermaPureHeat to perform many of our services. Heat treatment is fast, safe, and avoids the use of dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Heat treatment is reliable and thorough, able to reach into walls and other places that other types of treatment cannot. Heat treatment does not require moving personal property, bagging of food, laundering of textiles or the expense of moving out of your home while chemicals dissipate.

We are proud to offer ThermaPureHeat treatment for:

Do you need help with one of the above services? Contact Alliance and we will happily tackle your environmental challenge!