The new regulations, which can be found HERE—and I recommend you read them—lay out a very clear chain of responsibility as well as a process for inspection, eradication and maintenance of properties.

For example, the responsibilities of property owners start at monitoring, monthly for daily, weekly and monthly leased units, and quarterly for those leased for longer times. This monitoring should lead to infestations having less chance to take hold if they occur as well as more peace of mind for tenants.

Also any owner providing mattresses or box springs must also provide bed bug proof encasements and seal all cracks by which bed bugs could travel from one unit to another. These migrations are a big problem when bed bugs are treated with pesticides, as the bugs can go from a treated apartment to an untreated apartment by following the carbon dioxide exhalations of the inhabitants. Bed bugs are nothing if not resourceful!

Property owners are responsible for the costs of inspection and treatment of bed bugs.

The new regulations also lay out what a tenant can do if a bed bug complaint is ignored.

Luckily, heat treatment is an acceptable way of eradicating bed bugs in the new regulations. High temperatures are the best and safest way of eliminating all bed bugs, including eggs, from a structure. The new rules are clear on what both tenants and owners must do with personal belongings, whether infested or not, and who is reponsible for what part of the eradication process. They also mandate the use of a licensed pest control professional to perform the treatment.

If you discover a bed bug infestation in a building you own or rent in San Francisco—or anywhere in California, Alliance Environmental Group can help! Contact Alliance for quick and professional service from our licensed pest control teams!

Hope you survived April Fool’s Day without falling for anything too silly!

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