A clean dryer vent could save a life. Although vent cleaning may not be front of mind, it should be because significant fire damage ensues when lint ignites.

Dryer Vent Negligence


When dryer vents are not properly cleaned, a slew of problems arise – the very least of which include perpetually damp clothes and higher energy bills. If you’re managing an apartment complex, the cumulative effect of higher energy bills from numerous housing units is exorbitant. Maintaining a dryer cleaning routine yields saved money and perhaps lives too.

If a buildup of lint accumulates in a dryer vent, it causes excessive heat build-up. Lint is discharged when clothes are dried because clothing sheds small particles during the process. Some of these are trapped by a lint screen, and if the lint screen is not cleaned regularly, the trap won’t catch much of anything. But even when the lint screen is cleaned regularly, a fair amount of lint will be exhausted out through the dryer vent. The vent must be cleaned on a regular basis to remove the lint fire-hazard.

Often, house fires start with unattended dryer vents. According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission, more than 15,000 fires are triggered every year by partially or fully clogged dryer vents. Most or all of these fires can be prevented if warning signs are noticed and acted upon. For instance, when drying clothes begins to take longer than usual, it’s a sign that the dryer is not functioning properly. As illustrated in this video, dryer vent cleaning is not a chore to take lightly.

Property Managers and Dryer Vents


It can be tedious to clean dryer vents yourself if you manage property. To save time and ensure accuracy, property managers often enlist the aid of a professional dryer cleaning service. Hiring cleaners ensures that your dryers cost you the least amount possible on energy bills, that cleaning occurs regularly, and of paramount importance, that your property is safe.


Stay Safe Now


Now is as good a time as any to begin a dyer vent cleaning routine. Avoid catastrophe, save money, and give yourself peace of mind this year and make dryer cleaning a priority.

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