We were just minding our own business, watching Animal Planet when we came across this segment about the 10 Scariest Animals.

Sharks, sure. We’ve been afraid of sharks since “Jaws,” right?

Bears. Stephen Colbert has a thing about bears. Bears are scary.

Alligators make us glad we live in dry California instead of swampy Florida, but Coyotes we see all the time, even in town.

Bats. Are you afraid of bats? Only if they get caught in the attic! Otherwise they are the best mosquito predators ever!

Rats, Black Widow Spiders and Rattlesnakes are all pretty disturbing, we admit.

But what do WE find the scariest? Animal Planet put them at number 4!

Bed Bugs!


Alliance Environmental Group cannot help you with Bears or Coyotes, Sharks are not our targets and we kind of like Bats, but Bed Bugs we can handle! Heat treatment with Thermapureheat kills bed bugs wherever they lurk–and they do lurk in hard-to-reach places! Heat penetrates everywhere and kills bed bugs at every stage of development including eggs that can lead to reinfestation if you use pesticides.

You don’t have to go to the mountains or swim in the ocean or even hike in Griffith Park, but you do have to sleep! We are here to keep your bed predator-free!