Commercial Dryer Duct Cleaning Services in CA, NV, & AZ
Commercial Dryer Duct Cleaning
We follow NADCA’s Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance (DEDP) to test the performance of your dryer exhaust duct system after servicing to provide a quantifiable testing method for performance validation.

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Why clean dryer vents?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), clothes dryer fires are involved in almost 17,000 structural fires a year – 92% of which are caused by dryer lint buildup. Of the leading causes of clothes dryer fires a whopping 32% are due to failure to clean the dryer vents. Further statistics show that in 2010, drying machines accounted for 4.5% of all reported home structure fires and resulted in $236 million in direct property damage. Businesses that use machines for commercial purposes or have multiple machines are at an even higher risk due to their high usage.

In addition to ensuring that dryers are operating safely, we also need them to work efficiently. Cleaning the vents is one way of increasing the efficiency of your machine and saving money on electric or gas bills.

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Due to a recent leak in my home, I had the pleasure of working with Ryan from Alliance Environmental on removing asbestos. Ryan was very communicative with coordinating the timeline with me. The work area was nicely set up and isolated so I felt safe being in close proximity. Removal of the setup was very clean and no waste was left behind. I’m very happy with Alliance Environmental’s professionalism and work quality, I’d recommend them to anyone!

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The process of a professional dryer vent cleaning is not complex, but it is imperative that the process is completed correctly and thoroughly. Dryer vent lining is fragile and using professional and proper equipment is crucial. Some methods include the use of mechanical brushes, a “Viper Whip System,” gas and electric high-powered vacuums, and video inspection robotic software. Airtek Indoor Air Solutions is a professional indoor air quality company that can help provide this service and aid you with your clogged dryer vents to prevent the risk of fire hazards in your structure. Airtek is certified by NADCA (the National Air Duct Cleaning Association) and is compliant with their Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance Standard (DEDP).

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