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Infection Control
We work closely with healthcare to develop control and safety strategies, along with an infection control risk assessment from which to construct a project management plan.

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Infection Control

We have an extensive experience with infection control projects including constructing all types of containment barriers, monitoring negative air pressure and generating permits at all levels and types.

We employ full-time safety officers/quality controllers to inspect our work and ensure proper setup, including a technician that is Rescue and Assist Certified, Respirator Fit Tested/Certified, Dust Buster Certified and Fire Stopping Install Level 1.

Our infection control team runs through real-life scenarios in our on-site, hands-on training facilities in Los Angeles and San Jose. Learn more about our Department of Insurance certified training facilities to see why organizations trust us to handle all of their infectious control concerns.

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Our team provides full project management plans, builds a containment area under negative air pressure & uses proper engineering controls to stay in regulation with all OSHA, federal and state requirements.


We work closely with our customers to:

– Conduct an infection control risk assessment

– Develop control and safety strategies

– Construct a project management plan, including inspections

– Coordinate and pull necessary permits

– Ensure compliance with all health and safety rules and regulations

– Coordinate firewall penetration installations

– Inspect fire stopping in compliance with current fire codes

Due to a recent leak in my home, I had the pleasure of working with Ryan from Alliance Environmental on removing asbestos. Ryan was very communicative with coordinating the timeline with me. The work area was nicely set up and isolated so I felt safe being in close proximity. Removal of the setup was very clean and no waste was left behind. I’m very happy with Alliance Environmental’s professionalism and work quality, I’d recommend them to anyone!

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Infection control for healthcare facilities

Natural epidemics, weather and bio-terrorist events have the potential to overwhelm current fixed healthcare facility infrastructure. As a result, there is increasing regulatory and recommendation pressure on healthcare facilities to expand their ability to respond to scenarios of surge capacity and mass isolation. Our effective, efficient ECU4 product line is easy to set up and can help your facility meet its preparedness needs.

The ECU4 Environmental Containment Unit functions as an easily deployable, emergency anteroom for patient room* isolation. This allows a healthcare facility to increase the number of individually isolated patients it can treat beyond the existing number of fixed isolation rooms. The ECU4 line of products when paired with a HEPA-filtered negative air machine, will safely contain airborne contaminants and facilitate containment projects easier, while meeting all of the required codes and standards every time for all types of infection control

There are three major benefits of this Surge Capacity solution:

  • ECU4 temporarily increases the number of available isolation capable rooms, avoiding the infinitely greater cost of maintaining a larger number of permanent fixed isolation rooms
  • ECU4 is a portable solution allowing isolation rooms to be set up wherever it is necessary instead of being tied to specific rooms which may be scattered over different floors and buildings.
  • ECU4 increases logistical flexibility since specific isolation rooms don’t need to be kept empty in anticipation of future need, any room can be converted at any time
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