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Structural Pasteurization

Alliance Environmental offers two different structural pasteurization non-chemical, non-toxic heat services aimed at reducing or eliminating air pollution in a structure: ThermaPureHeat® treatment and Thermal Remediation®.

Structural pasteurization is an engineered process where high temperatures are introduced into a structure or portion of a structure for the purpose of reducing bio-organisms to acceptable levels without damage to the structure.

Our crews use dry, sauna-like temperatures to target and eliminate:

  • new construction odors
  • bacteria
  • mold
  • insect vectors
  • smoke odor

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Joseph W. McLean, Jr. Joseph W. McLean, Jr. CEO and Co-founder Jeff McLean Jeff McLean President and Co-founder Shaun Murphy Shaun Murphy Vice President of Operations William J. Wood William J. Wood Corporate Director of Client Relations
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A Guide to Structural Pasteurization

The Alliance Environmental Team Heat crews introduce a dry, sauna-like heat to target, dry out and disinfect structures while killing pathogens in inaccessible areas. This quick guide covers everything you need to know about the process.
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