We encourage homeowners to be aware of termites. Since, spring is right around the corner termites may swarm into your home and the result is property damage. The damage that termites do can cause five billion dollars in structural damage each year, and homeowners insurance do not cover it. Once a termite infestation begins that is when, homeowners need to act quick and call a professional. Even if you do not see a infestation going on, it does not mean that one is not happening below the surface. Some things that you may do as a homeowner and as a professional when learning more about how you can prevent these spring pests to cause further damage is:

  • Reduce humidity in crawlspaces
  • Eliminate any moisture around the foundation of homes
  • Any cracks and opening in homes should be sealed to prevent termite entry
  • Any branches, firewood or lumber should be stacked away from the home. When bringing in any firewood or lumber, check to see that it is clear
At Alliance Environmental Group, Inc one of the best methods to eliminate dry wood termites is to use heat. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals and improves the quality of your home as well. If you do find any dry wood termites contact us and we may be able to assist you.Below is a video that illustrates additional information on termites.