Lead Paint and dust are the leading causes of child lead poisoning. Older homes may still have layers of lead paint on their walls. You may get lead poisoning while breathing lead dust or by eating products that may contain lead. The homes that are older and may contain lead, can be renovated but there are also precautions while dealing with a home that has lead. The home needs to be tested for lead. Testing your home for lead is one of the first steps to know whether your property has any signs of lead. Below is an example of one way that one can test their home for lead using a lead testing kit. However, if one does not feel comfortable doing this type of testing it is best to contact a professional who can test the area and take action.

At Alliance Environmental Group, Inc our environmental division includes the removal of lead paint. Although, testing can be done quickly, the majority of time a professional should be handled by a professional. Our company follows strict procedures to control any lead dust created during the removing process. Lead dust can settle on furniture, walls and other areas of the home. If you need any assistance to remove lead in your home or commercial property, contact us and we can be of assistance. You may also contact us via our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.