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We talk a lot on the Alliance blog about black mold and toxic mold and the health problems that can come from letting it grow where you live or work. But what about the mold in the refrigerator?

Okay, okay, you never accidentally leave anything in there long enough to get moldy. But you know someone who does, I’m sure.

When some Chobani Greek Yogurt was recalled last month for mold–and after months of reading about CapriSun juice pouches being questionable as well–we thought it might be a good time to have a little quiz about the mold you (or your friends) see every day and why you see it.

True or False?

All mold is dangerous. False. Some molds are actually used to make food and medicines that we need. Penicillin and Brie cheese are the most famous examples. Black mold and toxic mold that can grow in damp areas in a home or building are a different story.

You can always tell if something is harboring mold. Unfortunately, false. Mold and bacteria can grow on food invisibly. Just like in your house, the mold you see is only an indication of the presence of mold that you cannot see.

You would definitely get sick if you ate moldy food. Most food mold is not going to make you sick, although some people might have minor gastrointestinal issues, but most people will be just fine.

If you see mold on bread, just don’t eat the moldy pieces. Are we going to have any true statements, I wonder? This one is also not a good idea. If there is mold on part of a loaf of bread, there are spores on the whole thing. Throw it out.

You should not smell moldy food. Finally! True! If you inhale close to mold, you could inhale mold spores, which could cause much bigger health issues than eating them. A fungal infection in your respiratory system is a serious problem.

At Alliance we are big fans of Brie and antibiotics, but we are the enemies of mold that causes problems, in your fridge or in your house! Be sure to repair and clean up any water damage and leak promptly. And contact Alliance if you have a problem with black mold or toxic mold in your home or other building.

Mold spores are everywhere (even in your clean house). Don’t give them a chance to grow!