While many of us will be spending christmas with our love ones soon, I wanted to share some links to several places that need donations during the holidays and we still have time till the year ends. In addition, links to gain more information about these groups. The first one is from asbestos.com. You can sign up HERE to receive a packet with tons of information on mesothelioma. The packet also includes support wristbands, to help raise asbestos and mesothelioma awareness. The American Lung Association website also includes several ways to donate. Another website that contains several resources on helping children and parents lead a safe and healthy lives is D.A.R.E. America Website.Lastly, we wanted to also share the link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This website has a list of information that include, resources on Lead Prevention tips, Childhood Lead Poisoning Data and Statistics, and several Holiday Health Tips. Brighten your holiday by giving back to your community.

Have a safe and fun Christmas!