Hotel bell

Bed bug complaints peak in the summer months, the more you travel, the more likely it i that you will come into contact with a bed bug infestation and bring home an unwelcome stowaway. About 43 million Americans will travel over 50 miles next week. Are you one of them?

It might seem silly, but inspecting any hotel room for bed bugs before you unpack your suitcases is the best way to avoid encountering bed bugs that you could bring home with you.

When you get to your hotel room door:

  • Leave your luggage in the hall or on the bathroom tile until you have inspected your room.
  • Check seams in the mattresses, corners of any upholstered furniture, behind pictures and in bedside table drawers for signs of bed bugs.
  • If you see any signs of bed bugs, ask for another room non-adjacent to the infested room on that floor, above or below.

Any hotel, no matter how expensive, can have a bed bug infestation. Anywhere that has a lot of traffic in and out can become infested. Be smart, think ahead and be proactive!

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