A Sacramento mother had to call in the media to get attention for her bed bug infestation. And it worked!

Bed bugs had been found all over her apartment, including in her baby’s crib and the situation was intolerable. After being ignored by her apartment manager, she called in reporters from KTXL-TV, who spent two days in the apartment and found ample evidence of bed bugs. It still took another week for the apartment manager to call in a pest control professional.

High temperatures were used to eradicate the bed bugs in the apartment in a period of about six hours, during which the temperature was constantly checked and personal belongings and furniture were turned and redistributed to make sure that temperatures above 122 degrees reached every nook and cranny.

At Alliance Environmental Group, we also use heat to eliminate bed bug infestations, so it’s always nice to see the effectiveness of heat treatment for bed bugs in the news! We hope that the landlord at this apartment complex understands that killing bed bugs in one apartment is not sufficient. Where there is one infested apartment, there are probably more and bed bugs will reinfest this woman’s apartment from another unit if the entire building is not inspected and treated.

ThermaPureHeat can be used to treat an apartment or an entire building, which is much more effective. We will keep our eyes out for more news on this in the future and wish this mom and her baby all the best!

Watch the video at this link (starts with a short advertisement)

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