This video seems kind of silly…at first…but how many thousands of termites could you stand to have crawling around on the floor?

I feel for this kid who wants those termites out of his classroom, like NOW! And that lady doesn’t seem to be taking it too seriously. Plus, if they have to kill the termites over and over, as she says, they are not doing it right!

What’s the best way to kill termites? Heat!

Heat not only kills the termites that are running around now, as they do in this school “every year,” it also kills the eggs that will hatch and become next year’s class.

I’m sure you join me in hoping never to be in a room with so many termites that they start crawling up your legs, but if you do have a termite problem, Alliance Environmental Group can take care of it before you finish your homework! Thermapureheat tackles termites, bed bugs, roaches and dust mites in one treatment. Call us or chat with us on our website for more information!

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