Meet Cruiser and Freedom, two bed bug detection dogs working in New York and watch ThermaPureHeat at work killing all stages of bed bugs in an apartment.  There are also interviews with other bed bug sufferers and researchers.

If you discover that bed bugs have invaded your home, apartment, condo or building, you need a professional to make sure that they are eradicated as soon as possible.  In California, Alliance Environmental Group has offices near you with crews who can come in and eliminate all stages of bed bugs—eggs, nymphs and adults—from an area, room, apartment or entire building with ThermaPureHeat treatments.  Heat treatment raises the interior temperature to over 130 degrees for 2-3 hours, killing any insects living inside in one treatment.

What are the advantages of using heat to kill bed bugs?

1.  It works!  Insecticide treatments often do not work due to resistance to common pesticides that bed bugs have developed over time.  They also leave viable eggs which can hatch and start the whole cycle over again.

2.  No dangerous chemicals!  DIY treatments for bed bugs can be dangerous unless you follow instructions exactly and that is hard to do when you are freaked out by bugs that attack in your sleep!  The psychological impact of bed bugs can be worse than the physical one.

3.  No need to bag food or move out!  Even if you have a pest control company treat your home, if they use insecticides, you have to bag all the food in your home and move out for 2 or three days to let the poisons dissipate.  And then you are left with the task of washing all of your linens to get the pesticides out.  Heat treatment leaves no residue.

Please do not try to treat bed bugs by yourself!  You will never know if you got them all—and you probably won’t!  Contact Alliance Environmental Group for help!

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